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Board of Directors


Richard M. Badger

Richard M. Badger, is a son, brother, husband, father and grandfather. Richard has been committed to his community and country. He served in the U.S. Army for eight years after high school.


He worked as a community organizer helping residents and stakeholders prioritize funding to improve the conditions of the community, primarily in the 53206 zip code.


Richard has been involved in local politics, organizing GOTV efforts, going into high schools with the Youth Vote effort, and serving on several campaigns. Richard has worked for our current Mayor Tom Barrett as a liaison to the African American, Veteran communities, as well, he initiated the Safe Summer initiative, Ceasefire Sabbath and is a founding member of the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative. Richard worked in the state senate as a community relations director for one of our great state senators. In this role, he served as an intermediary between the senate office and the senator, ensuring that issues were addressed in a timely fashion, and that potential legislation was communicated to the community prior to action being taken.


Currently, Richard works with the Department of Workforce Development in the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards. In this role, Richard works with businesses, the technical colleges and other stakeholders building apprenticeship programs. The WI apprenticeship program is the first and best in the country. Richard also does outreach to high schools and organizations providing information about the importance and significance of going into the skilled trades.


In 2015, Richard decided that 2016 would be the year that he would take control of his life. In December 2015, he went in for a regular physical, at which time, he was referred to a urologist. In June 2016, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. In December 2016, he would get a prostatectomy. Richard is now almost 3 years free of cancer.


Over the past 17 years Richard has found himself chasing the ever elusive par in the game of golf. His passion most recently landed him the head coaching position at Alverno College. This new opportunity brings new responsibility, but also new joy. Golf, like life no matter how many bad shots/decisions you make, it is the one or two good ones that keep you encouraged and coming back.

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